Seen Supergirl?
As we've recently discussed giving more roles to actors of african-american or afro-british heritage I'm interested to know what my flisters think about the choice in Supergirl to cast two of the most important supporting characters with black actors.

For those who do not know yet, in the new Supergirl series Jimmy Olsen (okay, he insists on being called James as he's all grown up now ;)) is played by Mehcad Brooks (has also played e.g. Eggs in True Blood and an Matthew Applewhite in Desperate Housewifes... the rest of the series he appeared in more than one episode of i do not really recognise on title alone) and Hank Hanshaw (linked in DC lore to the Cyborg Superman that appeared after Clark Kent seemingly died in his fight with Doomsday, so an obvious "white" person in the comics) the boss of this series SHIELD clone "D.E.O." is played by David Harewood (known as e.g. the evil billionaire from David Tennants last double Episode in Doctor Who or as recurring character David Estes in Homeland)

I like both combinations of character and actor and think they are amongst the best cast in the whole series (compared to their Kara Zor-El/Danvers aka Supergirl or how annoying i find Kallista Flockhart (Ally McBeal) playing a very "Devil wears Prada" like Cat Grant), even though it's not quite "authentic" if you go by the comics the series is based on. But then all the other superhero series like Smallville or Lois & Clark had far greater sins in terms of twisting comic based figures into pretzels before letting them appear on screen.

What do you think? Is this the way it should go in terms of "blackification" of Hollywood?
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Fandom Rant, kind of...

I've now run twice into this mistake in just two days and in two different fanfics... how can you even come to mechanizations when you mean machinations?

It's driving me nuts how so blatant a homophone can slip through even the most superficial alpha/beta correction process. And in ten years we'll be forced to accept that mechanizations are machinations in newspeak or what?

And the historian laughed...
I've followed the Revolution Era Spy series "Turn" from the outset on and it is a fine television programme. Wonderful costumes, adequately correct scene buildings (for a good part i understand thanks to the museum village at "Colonial Williamsburg"... ) and a thrilling, meandering, surprising storyline throughout all episodes. It may not be the best program ever made, but it sure knows how to entertain while upholding a good look and feel for the time of America#s struggle for independence those 240 years ago.

That got me interested in the often talked about book that started the whole idea of making such a program about Washington's most important spy ring. And i took up "Washington's spies" by Alexander Rose. A good choice as it turned out to be an excellently written account full of carefully collected hints about their hidden activities and how it was both put into existance and how it was historically connected into the greater effort to achieve insights into future deployments and movements of the enemy's armies. And there the conflict began. As interesting and as life-threatening as the activities of the "Culper-Ring" were, they had only the barest resemblance to the full out portrayal of a modern type spy story the AMC series gave us. Well, a lot of names actually fit both the historical account and the action packed reenactment on the small screen... but almost every scene is embellished, blown up out of proportion and warped beyond recognition.
Where the television makes it almost look as if "Culper" was the best source on New York with nearly a running commentary going on about troop movements, strengths and missions, the truth is far less shinier, such messages were few and far in between. Most often it was hearsay or rumours about where this or that transport would be going or how much more supplies they had just received from Europe... Abigail the brave slave in Major Andrés employ seems to be completely fictional, Anna Strongs man never died in loyalist captivity, her own role is not even mentioned in Rose#s book and called pretty much folklore and local tradition by the sources of the Wikipedia article on the Ring... Also nearly half of what Rose has to tell about the Ring's correspondence comprises of complaints about the dangers and lacks of secrecy in the handling of the spying, questions after money for expenses paid in the course of the achievement of their intelligence like for the courier riders connecting York City and Setauket or for Townsend once he joined up for fresh paper to use with the secret stain (invisible ink) Tallmadge provided... Most of which is put in dialogue form by the tv crew spoken between the conspirators in weak moments.
Even aspects like the "invasion" (a raid by cavalry elements) of Setauket or the mugging of magistrate Woodhull (abraham's father) are grossly overstated in scape and importance when judging by the tv version. Not to forget the "villains", Robert Rogers, J. Simcoe and "Major Hewlett" who are almost unrecognizable if you try to bring historical account and television version into concordance. There simply is not enough flesh on the Culper story to fill twenty or more tv episodes with the level of action and suspense the producers would love to have in it...

Long story short: it's a nice TV show, but historically as accurate as let's say "300" or that musketeer thing half my Flist is so fangirly about.
And i have the greatest of respect for all the persons involved in the real story, risking or sometimes losing their lives so that others may continue to fight for the freedom of their chosen homeland... If you think that the two big polar opposites in Rose's story are Nathan Hale and Benedict Arnold, the poor honorable but steadfast soldier who got hanged for the attempt to gain little intelligence about the situation on Long Island and the big traitor who almost went over to the British with Washington and his intelligence chief Tallmadge on a silver platter and trying to add the whole garrison as turncoats as cream on top of the pie? And for what? Bitter resentment that his - admittedly excellent - service was not honored or rewarded enough by the congress and his army superiors and jealousy that others tried to harvest his effort's benefits instead of him?

Told you so!
Yesterday one of the authors i'm following on FFN posted a comment that clued me to this little gem of news.,0,6543295.story

So it just took ten years of "you must be deluded" for her to come around and leave "the good ship"? Who'd've thought. :D

Okay, it's not really that much a thing, she does not really say she now would write it the other way, just that she thinks it would be more realistic that way, but still... after some of the things said and done during the shipping wars this is very satisfying... to hear it from the horse's mouth that there was a break and the development that followed was not this instoppable natural thing as it always was portrayed. And i do feel kind of vindicated for always having "gotten it right".

Well... TOLD you so! D'Uh!

Little pic
I just could not resist after the last episode of the Daily show to play a bit with the best quote of the month...


Just the idea to use it as explanation for EVERYTHING makes me giggle like mad! :D

Save a Horse...
As i've promised a friend here's my take on Stephen Colbert's Revere-Impersonification from last week.

I'm not really responsible. I just was born to host a dirty mind...*le sigh*

And today's meme goes to...
as complying with the rules copied from asthenie_vd's post:

⟣ Think of the first word that comes to mind when you think of me
⟣ Run a Google image search on that word
⟣ Reply to this entry and post a picture from that search
⟣ Put this in your journal, so others can do the same

Memeries, sweet Memeries...
Took this meme from the journal of Asthenie_VD:

Harry Potter

List the books in order from your favourite to your least favourite.
1. The Goblet of Fire
2. The Philosopher's Stone
3. The Prisoner of Azkaban
4. The Order of the Phoenix
5. The Chamber of Secrets
6. The Half-Blood Prince
7. The Deathly Hallows

List the movies in order from your favourite to your least favourite.
1. The Chamber of Secrets
2. The Philosophers Stone
3. The Goblet of Fire
4. The Prisoner of Azkaban
5. The Half-Blood Prince
6. The Order of the Phoenix
(P.S. But the first three really are a tie and PoA mainly suffers from the naked Weremolerat)
(P.P.S. I won't watch the last film until they're out on DVD... preferrably budget, cause... you see the curve?)

Top 5 favourite characters?
- Rubeus Hagrid
- Remus Lupin
- Luna Lovegood
- Harry Potter
- Hermione Granger

5 least favourite characters?
- Bartemius Crouch - Senior
- Rita Skeeter
- Dolores Umbridge
- Draco Malfoy
- Severus Snape. Burn in Hell, Bastard!

Favourite Unforgivable Curse?
FAVOURITE? You can ask questions... Well it MUST be Avada-Kedavra, because it's funny when fanfic authors play games with wizards minds by quoting "Abraca----"

Favourite mode of wizard transportation?
Teleportation! Err, of course I mean Apparition.

Favourite Weasley?
Arthur, but almost as much i like Ginny, when she doesn't get in the way of H/H :D

Favourite non-human Hogwarts resident?
Dobby, i guess

Favourite couple?
I'll go the cowards way and simply say: Lilly and James :)

Biggest surprise of the series?
the "Bitch" scene, Molly killing of Bellatrix Lestrange...

Biggest letdown of the series?
I'm tempted to write "The Deathly Hallows", but then, there's also good stuff in that book.

One character you wish lived?
Almost none who died where i wouldn't wish (s)he'd lived! Except for the Deatheaters of course.
I'll go with: I'd wish JKR would have done something with the Longbottoms at the end of the story, i cherish every fanfiction where they get better even to only just some degree, cause it's sooo wrong to have them in this state when so many dirty bastards live happy lives.

Moment that will always make you cry?
too much to write down... Harrys Parents in the mirror Erised (and the photo albume), the destroyed broomstick, Buckbeaks death, Snape ruining the rehabilitation of Sirius Black..., the mysterious stranger casting Expecto Patronum, HARRY casting Expecto Patronum for the first time for real, Remus Lupin leaving Hogwarts again, Cedrics Death, the cursed feather of this... toad person, Arthur Weasley getting bitten by Nagini live before Harrys Eyes, Sirius Black dying, all the bits and pieces about harrys parents we get to know, the scene in Voldemorts grotto with the undead in the water... and as good as every single death scene or report from TDH.
Yes, i'm so close to the water. But then it never stopped the books from being enjoyable.

Ron/Hermione or Harry/Hermione?
Harry and Hermione! Narf what a question.... Coz sometimes it's more fun to be the DILUSIONAL ONE!

Which house would you want to be in?
Sparkly Poo? I really don't know... i think i'd have traits for all except the slimybastards Den aka Slytherin... and even if i'd like the guys in Gryffindor i might be better fitted for Ravenclaw or even Hufflepuff... Hey, that's not as bad as it sounds *huffs and puffs*

Would you ever enter the Triwizard tournament?
No way, Jose! That's dangerous crap you're talking about... O.o

Do you think you would enjoy being a witch/wizard?
I might enjoy the possibilities a life as a wizard would pose... but as a witch? nah, i'll pass...


1) If forced to pick an era, would you chose early, middle or later Discworld, for preferred reading?
most of my really favoured books are later in the series so later

2) Favourite all-time Discworld character?

3) Favourite non-Discworld Pratchett book?
I've only ever read Good Omens outside of the Discworld but that is of course a favourite!

4) Favourite Discworld book featuring the Witches?
I don't remember having read anything really featuring them. There might have been some scenes with them, but no real "starring" volume.

5) Favourite Discworld book featuring the City Watch?
Guards! Guards! and Nightwatch are tied for this. Monstrous Regiment and Feet of Clay also come to my mind.

6) Favourite Discworld book featuring Moist / Rincewind?
Going Postal

7) Favourite book featuring a non-recuring character?
Soul Music? The Truth? Small Gods also is a good candidate...

8) Do you have a least-favourite Discworld book?
can't really think of it, but my notes on the Goodreads tell me it must be Thud! followed by Jingo... and i'm rather the vimes fan other than this O.o

9) If you were introducing someone to the Discworld series, where would you suggest they start?
As i feel Pratchett has much improved since the early books i might even suggest the Moist Duology GoPo and MaMo, but I've started with Mort and it worked so that's also fair game and as i really like Guards! Guards! that's also quite decent as a start. Don't go for early wizards or witches, i haven't read anything to recommend them as starting points...

10) Favourite Discworld placename?
Fourecks? Jellybejby? Uberwald?

11) Favourite Discworld concept? (L-Space, "It's a million to one shot..." etc)
I think i'll take the Pantheon... Gods need their believers more than the believers need gods... PLUS there's a hogfather and a tooth fairy! :D so you can bring to live everything you truly believe, that's a concept i'm fond of!

12) Do you have a favourite Discworld Quote?
What can the Harvest hope for if not the care of the reaper man!
There are many great quotes in the books but this one must topp them all off!

13) Do you prefer Death or the Patrician?
Is there a difference other than STYLE OF SPEECH? Tie!

14) Mrs Cake or the Bursar?
the Bursar. I don't even remember who Mrs Cake is supposed to be O.o

15) The Luggage or the Librarian?

16) Greebo or Nobby?
Nobby. When talking animal, go for the whole trade, buddy!

17) Trolls or Dwarves?
I think i prefer dwarves for their ingenuity and the fun their genderproblems pose. trolls are nice to have in a story, but often their brains run too hot for my gusto.

18) Just how much do you like the Discworld series, anyway?
on a scale from 0 to ten? probably a 7.9954329. It's at least part of my top ten "universes"...

Black Wings, Black Words
Inspired by the "Raven" Trailer for the Game of Thrones Series which will be shown by HBO next year, i've decided to make some Icons based on the idiom that black wings will alwyays bring black words in the World of A Song of Ice and Fire.

Icon 1  Icon 4  Icon 3   Icon 2  Icon 5  Icon 6

Feel free to take, but comment and credit would be nice.
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ASOIAF Trailerpicspam!
As my Friendslist was full of mentions of the new "Raven" titled teaser-trailer for the A Game of Thrones Miniseries at HBO and the accompanying background clip including an interview with G.R.R.Martin himself i thought i might as well share what i think they've shown us. It's quite a lot of pictures behind the cut, so don't get impatient, go and cook your self a nice hot cocoa or some tea... and when youÄ're finished have a look at the pictures ^_^

A game of thrones - titlecard

So here's the eXtra LARGE Picspam for "A Game of Thrones", enjoyBeware of Spoilers!Collapse )


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