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How we found the boy-king
One of the nicest discoveries of this TV season must have been the currently running ITV miniseries "Tutankhamun" about the almost ten years during which Howard Carter and Lord Carnavon searched for the grave of the now famous boy-king Tutankhamun whose relics are amongst the best conserved burial treasures ever found from the old dynasties.

And the best surprise when watching it was to discover WHO played the generous sponsor of the dig.

I knew that it was a familiar face but to my everlasting shame I had to look it up at IMDB... it's Sam Neill of Jurassic Park, Twister and Merlin fame... Looking still fabulous even with fully white hair and beard. ^_^

The other pleasant surprise was the babyfaced actor depicting a 20-ish Howard Carter... Max Irons, the younger son of Jeremy Irons (Die Hard with a vengeance, Dungeons & Dragons, the voice of Scar in The Lion King).


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