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It had to happen one day...
Finally, I saw a Weeping Angel that i really found horrific...

I had missed one episode of Sam Bee's Satire show "Full Frontal" and have just watched Episode 17 (the Brexit one)... One of the pieces dealt with Brexit and featured a cameo by David Tennant reading out loud scottish tweets to Donald Trump who had the gall to speak in Scotland (which overwhelmingly voted "stay" and wasn't amused in the least that the result was "leave"). At the end of this segment Sam appealed to the US voters to register and to go voting in November... and... whatever you do... Don't blink.
Then this picture appeared on screen.

Isn't that scary? :D

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Re: You don't have missed out on much

Hey don't look at me, I surely haven't watched BH90210 either, actually neither the old one nor the 2010-ish revival ...

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