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Black Wings
Why is it that in the last few years whenever a book series has gotten kind of successful and popular that they feel obliged to produce a comic series accompanying it?
While initially i really liked to see the artwork and such to books i already loved, i've come to think that almost never the artists bother to keep with the author's descriptions inside the books and i enjoy such visions the less, the more liberties the drawings take, one of the worst "offenders" was the Honor Harrington Semi-CGI-Comicbook, awfully far off from what Weber described.

A lot of the other times (Dresden Files, Asoiaf) the art is just not good enough to really enjoy. It's basically a throwback into the eighties, when we did not know how good Graphic Novels can be and how fine art in comics may be, there just were these endless series of conveyorbelt line produced generic comics about superheroes and tv tie ins that only could be called recognizable if you already were into the original thing that they were based on.
Now, if i compare e.g. the Journey into Mistery comics Asthenie had convinced me to try with her sample uploads with the GOT/ Asoiaf comics... those are worlds in between the good ones (Marvel) and the Martin-tie-in...

The reason for this rant? I've discovered in the Forbidden World Comicbook Newsletter that there will be a Peter Grant (Aronovitch) TPB coming out soon. First i was sorely tempted, but then... I don't know... Do i need any more disappointments? And why do they continue to torture us fans so much?

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We already talked about the Peter Grant comics when they previewed the singles. You didn't like them.

Ah okay. That should explain why i didn't bother to remember about them.

Still, why are they doing that? All the major series / heroes are rumoured to drop constantly in sales and IIRC the market at large also does only ever report diminishing income over the years, so throwing out cheap and badly made series that cling to successful TV or book series should not be worth the hassle... especially as it WILL speak around if they are awful to look at...

Do the publishers get a kick out of ruining other people's childhood or fandoms? The number of movie remakes of half forgotten 80es and 90es series isn't that much more relatable either.

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