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Seen Supergirl?
As we've recently discussed giving more roles to actors of african-american or afro-british heritage I'm interested to know what my flisters think about the choice in Supergirl to cast two of the most important supporting characters with black actors.

For those who do not know yet, in the new Supergirl series Jimmy Olsen (okay, he insists on being called James as he's all grown up now ;)) is played by Mehcad Brooks (has also played e.g. Eggs in True Blood and an Matthew Applewhite in Desperate Housewifes... the rest of the series he appeared in more than one episode of i do not really recognise on title alone) and Hank Hanshaw (linked in DC lore to the Cyborg Superman that appeared after Clark Kent seemingly died in his fight with Doomsday, so an obvious "white" person in the comics) the boss of this series SHIELD clone "D.E.O." is played by David Harewood (known as e.g. the evil billionaire from David Tennants last double Episode in Doctor Who or as recurring character David Estes in Homeland)

I like both combinations of character and actor and think they are amongst the best cast in the whole series (compared to their Kara Zor-El/Danvers aka Supergirl or how annoying i find Kallista Flockhart (Ally McBeal) playing a very "Devil wears Prada" like Cat Grant), even though it's not quite "authentic" if you go by the comics the series is based on. But then all the other superhero series like Smallville or Lois & Clark had far greater sins in terms of twisting comic based figures into pretzels before letting them appear on screen.

What do you think? Is this the way it should go in terms of "blackification" of Hollywood?
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OMG you made me remember that the Naismiths were a thing in Doctor Who, YOU MONSTER!

I know none of the TV shows mentions bar the one above, and I've no idea who either of these people are (except for Mr Naismith goddammit AAAARRGH), so I have nothing else to say.

But isn't murdering Ten and having utterly failed to resurrect mean old Bond-Rassilon a good thing? (I did not even remember the name :D)

Well supergirl is a rather average superhero show. Nothing to brag about or make others curious to watch, but it fit so well in with the discussion about the black Bond casting and those two are really at the top of the actors talentwise.... which sadly doesn't say much.

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