In Space noone will hear you laugh
This week the new episode of Seth McFarlanes new Scifi Comedy Series "The Orville" has aired.

And it was pretty decent scifi material although it did not really get into the funny side of things before the last five minutes.Photos and moreCollapse )

All that glitters ain't gold
I'm not sure if you've heard about it, but a few weeks ago a modernized reboot of MacGyver started to air in the US.

I did not go into this with high expectations, as the announcements they made already sounded a bit ... disappointing. But OH BOY have they ruined that concept.

Spoilers!Collapse )

On a more positive note... while not perfect in every aspect, the new MARS miniseries (afaik 6 episodes, one of which already aired online although TV start is 14th Nov.) isn't that bad. They seemm to have a bit of a problem with the scene buids and costumes, which look a bit cheaply made, but except for a bit of a Elon Musk / Space X fetish they have worked into the fictional background (or 2016 story arc of their split between now and 2033 narrative) it has at least a nice sciency feel and seems to get most things they claim about Mars and a possible / imaginable Mars mission "right"... or right enough to make good TV out of it. I wish the pacing were a bit quicker and they would not jump QUITE as often between the two timeframes, but after only one episode that is not really that judgeable and maybe will get better.

And the also new "Dirk Gently's holistic Detective Agency" series has at least interesting visuals. The story is kind of strange, but then it's a series based on the Doug Adams trilogy (and much of the original novel with the same name was based on Adams work for Dr Who, especially the unfilmed / unfinished story "Shada") which implies strangeness.
At least I like the two protagonists Gently (played by Samuel Barnett, known as Renfield in Penny Dreadful?) and Todd Brotzman (Elijah "Frodo" Wood) and their crazy but likeable interactions. The rest will probably show during the other episodes, right now a lot goes unexplained and ties into stories not yet shown or at least I think so based on the premise that Gently believes everything is somehow connected, even nothing at all... and if you just do anything your case will somehow find to a conclusion. Might be very watchable if only for the confusion and comedy factor.

How we found the boy-king
One of the nicest discoveries of this TV season must have been the currently running ITV miniseries "Tutankhamun" about the almost ten years during which Howard Carter and Lord Carnavon searched for the grave of the now famous boy-king Tutankhamun whose relics are amongst the best conserved burial treasures ever found from the old dynasties.

And the best surprise when watching it was to discover WHO played the generous sponsor of the dig.
You know who...Collapse )

It had to happen one day...
Finally, I saw a Weeping Angel that i really found horrific...

Guess who...Collapse )

Comics, Comics everywhere
Black Wings
Why is it that in the last few years whenever a book series has gotten kind of successful and popular that they feel obliged to produce a comic series accompanying it?
While initially i really liked to see the artwork and such to books i already loved, i've come to think that almost never the artists bother to keep with the author's descriptions inside the books and i enjoy such visions the less, the more liberties the drawings take, one of the worst "offenders" was the Honor Harrington Semi-CGI-Comicbook, awfully far off from what Weber described.

A lot of the other times (Dresden Files, Asoiaf) the art is just not good enough to really enjoy. It's basically a throwback into the eighties, when we did not know how good Graphic Novels can be and how fine art in comics may be, there just were these endless series of conveyorbelt line produced generic comics about superheroes and tv tie ins that only could be called recognizable if you already were into the original thing that they were based on.
Now, if i compare e.g. the Journey into Mistery comics Asthenie had convinced me to try with her sample uploads with the GOT/ Asoiaf comics... those are worlds in between the good ones (Marvel) and the Martin-tie-in...

The reason for this rant? I've discovered in the Forbidden World Comicbook Newsletter that there will be a Peter Grant (Aronovitch) TPB coming out soon. First i was sorely tempted, but then... I don't know... Do i need any more disappointments? And why do they continue to torture us fans so much?

Giggling about death
Well, i somehow stumbled about this Wikipedia page called "last known survivors of wars and military insurgencies" and looked abit over the dates and such... quite interesting to see how old some of these kids got after nobody managed to fill them up with holes and lead.

THEN i reached this... and now i cannot stop giggling like mad.

TOM RIDDLE was the last confederate survivor? (Actually the article linked above the small table gives some deaths even later, but presumably they were younger at the time of death than Ole' tom or so... but still... :D hehe)

Grooming them early
Hehe, did any of you watch yesterday's "Last Week Tonight"?

The Special District video with those kids was one of the best things they ever produced. I SO hope if some day in 15 or 20 years John Oliver needs a replacement one of these kids has gone into working for television and is ready to take on the job. THAT would be awesome.

Hehe, some days i simply LOVE pinterest...

This explains SOOOOO much...
I've been binge-surfing all over this Deviant Art Account today and she has the most adorable Cartoons about his own fandom Hetalia ripoff called Sweden and the World or SatW...
They are generally funny and cute, but this one blows the top off...

Sooo true. Sooo believable. Sooo sad. And look at the Face the EU is making. LOL

Another one i liked was, although it's maybe a bit cruel to laugh about it... hmmm.

Taking Liberties
During the search for some potential Craig replacements last week i came amongst others onto the name of Ben Barnes, who was listed on IMDB as having played the protagonist of the miniseries Sons of Liberty on History Channel earlier this year. It sounded intriguing and I've always been interested in the era of the American Revolution / War of Independence, so i gave this three-parter a chance.

And well... it turned out a lot like Turn - Washington's spies. Fun to watch, lovely costumes and scenery (even if SoL makes a bit too much use of night time, foggy weather and other sight distorting measures, probably to save a bit on the budget) but they very much favor making up their own history and a lot of dramatic scenes in lieu of what really is reported to have happened.
Sam Adams is portrayed as adventurous, if not even athletic youngish rakish man of dubious character (most of what is shown about the ways he earns money seems to be on the shady side of things) despite him being 45 at the time of the sacking of the governor's mansion and fifty-ish when Boston Massacre and Tea Party occurred, leaving politics only ten years later due to poor health. Hancock is presented as a foppish gentleman who needs to bribe the governor to look the other way when he smuggles his merchandise into town because otherwise (by paying all dues and taxes) he would make a loss when selling it in Boston) and who came to know Adams through need for halfworld help in bettering his smuggling methods.
John Adams is in close contact to the more rebellious subset of Boston society and Paul Revere and Dr Joseph Warren belong to it even if only offering support instead of taking part themselves in the activities like a boycott of Tory merchants and publicans...

I'll readily confess that i'm not very well read in the whole subject, but this deems me a bit too flashy and action laden to portray the real situation 145 years ago... But then, Americans always liked to reinvent themselves. And their history.
And of course it is nice to watch. With the Hans Zimmer Soundtrack and most scenes dominated by the shining scarlet of the king's uniforms it ends up being very fetching and thrilling and entertaining. And i loved every time they showed majestic ships on the seas and at harbour. But to constantly see the soldiers clubbering people down with their musketshafts and now they seem intent to make a lashing scene outgruesome the Passion of the Christ... *sigh* ... it's all a bit thick on the "we had every right to rebel" message it's trying too hard to send. And every time they show the accompanying events back in London we get served a quote of utter disdain to those low class colonists. It's starting to be a bit exhausting.


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