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Grooming them early
Hehe, did any of you watch yesterday's "Last Week Tonight"?

The Special District video with those kids was one of the best things they ever produced. I SO hope if some day in 15 or 20 years John Oliver needs a replacement one of these kids has gone into working for television and is ready to take on the job. THAT would be awesome.

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Great video. I love this show, it is way better than todays daily show or the late show with stephen colbert.

I mostly agree, although i still like both those too. I have only stopped following Larry Wilmore with the new year, his Nightly Show was just too formulaic and ... boring.

But a lot of this has a simple reason: HBO seems to give John Oliver a lot more input into subjects and program planning. John can afford to act like a child in a candy story, playfully creating stuff like Jeff the diseased lung of fucking space gecko campaigns ;)
Also they have from the onset of LWT had this conscious decision to make every show about one focus subject that gets (in comparison to what is left in the Daily show once you subtract the interview or from Colbert when three guests have to be accomodated - and there i really hate 90% of his musical guests and only really have enjoyed a handfull)and they can go all insane on making an interesting, funny AND artistically cleverly presented mini docu about it.

The Daily Show also has lost a lot of appeal due to replacing practically all the cast with fresh faces, faces that often seem to need a lot more time to fall so comfortably into their own branch of humor that the old veterans had after up to a decade of making the show... Was Lewis Black even on once in 2016? And He's the last real bedrock part of the show. I still am a bit disappointed in Trevor Noah's performance. It has definitely gotten better than in his first four or six weeks, the break after new year with new intro and changed music and so on gave it a bit more the appearance of making it more "his" and less a skinny black boy in Jon Stewarts big old white man suits trying hard to play up to the heritage he took over.
Stephen is just so inconsistent... some days he's great, i love his Panem parody and the big furry hat segments, most of the asking a big star sketches were also pretty funny, but the standup monologue and most of the interviews have turned so toothless, so much less biting and satirical than on the Report, i can understand if you like it a lot less than the old format. It's a pity, but it seems as if ABC can't really give him free reign about his creative processes and the show suffers for it.
While the band is great, I've even bought the downloadable EP and it is pretty nice (not 100% the music from the show and there are several other songs on it that are completely MEH for me) but they should stop trying to involve Batiste in funny talk, it's not really one of this strengths to keep the beats rolling when Colbert tries to throw him some puns...

Long story short... Olivers LWT is still on the rise and he could create the show around his strong sides. TDS and LSSC sadly are weaker for not finding the right mixture of old and new elements and in the case of colbert too strongly binding him into this ever same 3 guest segment pattern.

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