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This explains SOOOOO much...
I've been binge-surfing all over this Deviant Art Account today and she has the most adorable Cartoons about his own fandom Hetalia ripoff called Sweden and the World or SatW...
They are generally funny and cute, but this one blows the top off...

Sooo true. Sooo believable. Sooo sad. And look at the Face the EU is making. LOL

Another one i liked was, although it's maybe a bit cruel to laugh about it... hmmm.

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dafuq is the Eu so upset about? All the US knows, it learned from Europe.

NOT everything. This cartoon is called (see the link) "The day the Iraq war started". THAT was nothing those dunderheads have learned in Europe, No Ma'am.

Idk. Britain was pretty gung-ho to follow, and maybe they wouldn't have found it as easy if Europe hadn't been so successful in destabilising the region because carving up pieces of land is so much fun. It's nice to point the finger at the US, but Europe as the overwhelmed drunk parent of a bloodied Africa would be equally cute.

So you ask of a cartoon to include ALL of history and complicated political issues into every single published sketch?

Has anybody informed XKCD yet that they're doing it wrong?

I don't find it cute, for is a combination of a number of things. There's the cheap America bashing that's become a trend that feels so disingenous, like the rest of the world were disconnected from America's actions when parts of the EU supported that war. And the fact that there was never any condemnation of it by the west even after it was admitted that they started a war under false pretenses. Leeroy Jenkins just isn't the image I'd use, especially as he's the entertaining hero of that intertext, any maybe, at worst, a troll, while his overanalysing raid mates are annoying stick-in-the-muds.

I just don't find it cute in that context. Too dark. Too mean. Not my type of humour. They could have named it "America invents the thrice-fried bacon-spare-rib burger" and it would be funny and a more appropriate use of the intertext.

I know, they're all this cute, although most of them "just" deal with the differences between Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

But i must confess my favorites are those with "Brother Germany" flirting with "Sister Japan". Those usually burst the limits of kawaii...

Do you have a good example?

awwwwwww, thank you. Cute.

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